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The preparation has begun for XVIII International Festival DetectiveFest
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For the first time in 30 years, Detective Production Company showed 5 North-Korean movies
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Detective Production Company has organized in Pyongyang the Week of Russian Movies
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The motto of the Festival since 2000 year is:
Fight against crime and terrorism is an international responsibility!

DetectiveFEST 2016 - Winners (download, docx)

DetectiveFEST 2016 - Invitation /English/ (download, doc)
DetectiveFEST 2016 - Regulations (download, doc)
DetectiveFEST 2016 - Nominees (download, docx)

To the heads of television and film companies

442 entries were received from 57 countries at XVIII DetectiveFEST competition

Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to invite you to participate in the XVIII International Film Festival of Detective Films and Television programs on Law-Enforcement themes Detective FEST, which will be held in Moscow from the 20th to the 24th of April, 2016.

The agenda of this unique festival includes a competition of films and television programs in 12 nominations (the winners will be awarded diplomas and prizes), special demonstrations of new television and film projects, the Living Legend handover ceremony, and also round-table discussions, seminaries, master-classes and issue-related excursions.

The festival DetectiveFEST unites television personalities, filmmakers and distributors as well as famous politicians and lawmen.

Television programs and films, produced in the period from February 2015 to February 2016, are accepted in the competition. The following nominations are envisaged:

I. By genres:

1. Feature Detective/Criminal theme Film
2. Detective TV-series or a single episode with a plot counting as finished
3. Best Actor in a Detective film/TV-series as a Hero (male/female performance) good character
4. Best Actor in a Detective film/TV-series as an Antihero (male/female performance) bad character

II. TV Production (Documentary , TV program , News ProgrammTopic/Episode) by Themes:

1. Terrorism: a threat to the world (struggle against terrorism)
2. Dirty Money (the fight against corruption)
3. Crime and Punishment (the struggle against different types of crime)
4. World Without Drugs! (the struggle against illegal drug smuggling).
5. Civil Society (common citizens and public organizations struggling for civil rights)
6. War and Peace (military service, duty and patriotism).
7. SOS (on rescue in emergency situations).
8. Safe Roads (on traffic safety).

In order to submit a film or a television program to the Festival the participant should send the Entry Form (see www.detectivefest.ru) and a DVD copy of the film/program to the Festival Management (the e-mail and the address of the Management are noted above).

The works of the participants are accepted till the 26th of February, 2016.

The Festival Management will cover hotel accommodation for the nominees April 20 - 24, 2016.

The President of the Festival - Yuri Mitiyshin