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The President of DetectiveFEST Mityushin Yuri was invited to the 15th International Film Festival in Pyongyang
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Production company "Detective" in Greece
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XVIII World festival of detective films "DetectiveFEST"
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The motto of the Festival since 2000 year is:
Fight against crime and terrorism is an international responsibility!

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XVIII World festival of detective films "DetectiveFEST"

On April 20-24 2016 in Moscow there was held XVIII World festival of detective films DetectiveFEST under the slogan Fight against crime and terrorism is an international responsibility!
The festival was organized by the Production Company Detective, Moscow Regional department of The International Police Association, The International Public Fund Russian Peace Foundation and The Producers Guild of Russia and organizers of The Russian Filmmakers Union film process. The opening ceremony took place in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.
The president of the IPA Moscow department Sardak I.G. and the ambassador of Bulgaria to Russia Boyko Kocev were granted the honored right to open the festival. The ambassador of Bulgaria Kocev noted that we should fight against terror threat by all means and one of the best for forming values and ethics is the movie.
Syria's Ambassador to Russia Riad Haddad visited the opening ceremony and expressed gratitude to Russian military officers for their help in fighting against ISIS banned in Russia. The President of the IPA Moscow department, Lieutenant General Sardak I.G. spoke before the guests. In his speech he stressed that society must assist law enforcement agencies by all means. After the ceremony, there was a demonstration of "The Woman of My Life" movie, directed by A. Donchev (co-production of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Iraq and Romania). The film depicts the way young people turn into terrorists of the Islamic State banned in Russia. The director, who introduced the film, received a special cinematographic festival prize.
On the second day of the festival April 21th 2016 there were negotiations held on the topic: "The role of cinematography in the information wars" in the Council Hall of the Russian Federation Public Chamber with the assistance of the Commission on the development of public diplomacy and the support of compatriots abroad. During negotiations, they discussed issues of terminology, goals and objectives of information wars, the role of the creative intelligentsia in creating information myths, falsification of history with the help of cinematography and formation of an image of the enemy in movies and other issues. In total, 446 films from 64 countries were performed in the festival. The list of winners is presented on the website.