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The President of DetectiveFEST Mityushin Yuri was invited to the 15th International Film Festival in Pyongyang
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Production company "Detective" in Greece
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XVIII World festival of detective films "DetectiveFEST"
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The motto of the Festival since 2000 year is:
Fight against crime and terrorism is an international responsibility!

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The non-commercial partnership "Detective Production Company" was founded by producers Yury Mityushin and Olga Romanovskaya in October 11th 2001.

The principal activity of the Company is the organization of the annual International Film and TV Festival of detective films and television programs on law-enforcement themes "Law and Society." The tree festivals held in 1999, 2000 and 2001 were organized by the Humanitarian Foundation of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Independent non-commercial organization "Kinotelefest."

The slogan of the Festival "Fight against crime and terrorism is an international responsibility!" could inspire a variety of related activities echoing the Festival`s ideas in various countries. The Festival`s participants and prize winners could meet with their colleagues all over the world to share their experience and work towards the development of joint projects involving films and TV shows.

Detective Production Company aspires:

  • to promote the development of films and TV companies producing films and shows on law-enforcement themes;
  • to use films and TV shows and programs to teach the audience to respect Law, the State and their officers;
  • to use films and TV shows to create in public consciousness a positive image of the Law enforcement officer;
  • to support authors and production teams by awarding grants for the production of films and TV programs;
  • to organize activities that consolidate society in fighting crime and terrorism;
  • to use films and TV programs to popularize the achievements of law enforcement departments and agencies in fighting crime and terrorism;
  • to organize mutual information exchange between representatives of law enforcement departments and agencies and mass-media;

Activities of Detective Production Company includes:

  • fundraising and finding appropriate intellectual and organizational resources for socially significant activities and projects;
  • creating and database of film and television companies producing detective/mystery films and shows;
  • creating a database of representatives of mass-media covering law-related topics;
  • production, rental, copying of films, videos and photographs;
  • professional development of the Company`s staff and participation of the festivals organized by "Detective" (courses, workshops etc.);
  • international cooperation with commercial and non-commercial for the fulfillment of the Company`s goals;
  • organization of festivals, forums, seminars, symposia, exhibits, fairs and other activities for facilitating information exchange and assessing achievements in the production of films and programs on law-enforcement themes;
  • production of various social and cultural projects;
  • establishment of the international center of business and cultural cooperation with visa support;
  • organization of film, TV and video fairs;
  • assistance to foreign film and TV companies in the production of films in Russia and promotion of their cultural projects in this country;
  • public demonstration of films and other projected media in theaters;
  • dissemination (excluding retail sales) of multimedia in any format;
  • copying multimedia in any format;
  • financial support of representatives of creative professions employed in the area of culture, cinema and television as well as representatives of federal agencies involved in the Company`s activities.